Our products are UL approved and meet the IPC-A -600F standards. Our on-going involvement of "In-Process Quality Control" (IPQC) virtually guarantee to make sure 100% be tested and inspected. According to IPC class II and Class III standards, We have Statistical Process Control [SPC].

Our QA Management Team is available at all the time to monitor full of line process to control the quality to be going smoothly. our manufacturing process was approved by our existing customers, As a quality-conscious company geared towards serving customers, we are prepared to provide the best service and the best products consistent with international standards. We pursues the quality policy "Deliberately design, methodically manufacture.

Quality Goals

  • Outgoing qualified productivity rate meets: Double sided: 98.5% , Multi-layer: 97%
  • Engineering manufacturing first pass percentage: 95%
  • Process first pass: 96 %
  • On time delivery: 100%
1) Approvals & Accreditations

HENGKAITUO Circuits use ROHS compliant materials.
This directive restricts (with exceptions) the use of certain hazardous materials in the manufacture of various types of electronic and electrical equipment.
For more information on ROHS compliance and guidance:
UL Approval
HENGKAITUO Circuits use UL approved parts.
PTH and Multilayer boards manufactured by ECL are UL approved.
UL Certificate (Multilayer)
UL Listing means that UL has tested representative samples of the product and determined that it meets UL's requirements. These requirements are based primarily on UL's published and nationally recognised Standards for Safety.
For more information on UL approval visit: www.ul.com
HENGKAITUO Circuits maintains an ISO9001:2015 accredited quality management system.
ISO Certification
You are welcome to contact with us for official certifications.

2. Continuous Improvement

Consistent with the ethos of ISO9001 HENGKAITUO continually monitors and reviews all aspects of our business with a view to continually improving our service, capabilities and performance.
Have a read of the improvements the company has made since moving into our new factory in 2010:

  • Factory enhancements
  • Renewed Anti-static Flooring.
  • Improved layout for production flow.
  • Added conference room/meeting facilities.
  • Extra space for stores/canteen and staff areas.
  • Flying Probe Test System
    Offers a test solution for PCB assemblies where functional test may not be an option.
  • Automated SMT placement Machines
    4 x APS Gold Place L60
    1x BA35 Autotronik
    This has increased our capacity and opportunity to offer quick turnaround production.
  • Additional Forced Convection Reflow Oven
    This is in addition to our existing IR reflow oven and has subsequently increased our capacity.
  • Integrated Production Tracking & Order Processing Software
    Consolidated enquiry logging/quotation and order processing.
  • Improved procurement control and traceability.
  • Implementation of production tracking.
  • Statistical analysis of real time process logging.
  • Improved customer order tracking information.
  • Additional Automated Optical Inspection Systems (SUPERVISION)
    This has reduced the risk of inspection bottlenecks.
  • New Ultrasonic Wash System
  • Ensuring rapid and complete removal of contaminants.
  • Additional Test and Debugging Equipment
    Furthering our Test offering, this has included setting up custom Test Jigs, specific to individual clients.
    Documentation and Procedures
  • Improved Customer data and file control.
  • Improved NCR control.
  • Improved material handling procedures.
  • Improved test and serialisation procedures.
  • Last quarter of 2016 improvements alone…
    New exposure unit.
  • New X-ray machine.
  • New PCB Manufacture heater.
  • Extra staff in various departments (Including partnership with Developing the Young Workforce).
  • UL approval for 4 Layer and PTH PCB manufacture.
  • In the near future…

As we move into 2019, look out for us announcing even more improvements

3. Trainning IPC

Over several decades IPC have become respected as an authoritative electronics organisation. They have been instrumental within the contract manufacturing and wider electronics manufacturing sectors in creating manufacturing standards and promoting knowledge transfer aimed at achieving technical excellence.
IPC610 Acceptance
HENGKAITUO Circuits as an IPC Member embraces IPC610 acceptance standards as the basis of our quality assurance benchmarking.
Workmanship on all of our electronic assemblies is assessed in reference to IPC610 class I, II or III. All of our operators are IPC610 trained and we now have our own in-house qualified IPC trainer.

Contact Details

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