PCB Manufacturing

PCB Manufacturing

PCB Manufacturing

PCB Production Files

Provide us with your design files/gerber files and we will produce your PCBs on-site here in our PCB manufacturing facility.
You can however simply provide us with a schematic and we will produce the design files for you.

Bare Board Options
You have a wide choice of printed circuit board options including:

  • Layer Number
  • Material Spec
  • Surface Finish
  • Resist Color
  • Solder mask Color
  • Copper Weight

Blank PCB to PCB Population
Your blank PCBs can start being assembled within minutes of coming out of our bare board manufacturing area.
Why not take advantage of the simple logistics and let us populate your PCBs?
Contact us to discuss your requirements and we would be delighted to provide you with a quotation!

Contact Details

Shenzhen Hengkaituo Sci-tech CO., LTD

Email: sales1@pcb-dayee.com
Phone:  +86 755 -28548369
Skype:  dayeeservice

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