PCB Design & Layout Service

PCB Design & Layout

PCB Design & Layout

PCB Design is one of our core services. We have over 14years’ experience in designing printed circuit boards for a number of large organisations and a myriad of different appliances. Our skills in PCB assembly have allowed us to cater for quite often complicated PCB designs.

We apply a number of different techniques when designing and implementing PCB technology. In order to strike a balance we use both automatic PCB machinery and manual assemblers – this approach allows us to maximise both the volume of work while maintaining our high standards of quality.

HENGKAITUO has successfully designed a large range of PCB’s for many different applications using FR4 IMS Flexible and FLEX-RIGID materials.

Working from a specification we can quickly generate schematics and then consider the layout for manufacturing efficiency. PCB size, thermal considerations and mounting options can all be explored at this stage to reduce the costs involved in unnecessary prolonged repeat prototyping.

Single, double sided and multilayer PCB’s are all offered. PCB’s can be supplied as singles or panels including flexible connections if required.

Reverse engineering is offered as a service, we are often approached by a customer with an old assembly for which there are no circuit diagrams and we are asked to modernise and document.

Our PCB Design & Layout services include:

  • Generating BOMs  SMT Solder Paste Stenciling
  • Design of Multilayer PCBs  Digital, Analog and RF Circuits
  • RoHS & Pb-Free Compliant PCBs  Over 14 years of Experience
  • PCB Routing Methods: Hand or Auto  Capture of PCB Schematics
  • Mounting BGAs and Micro-BGAs  Capable of Generating CAM Data

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