Mechanical Assembly

Mechanical Assembly

Mechanical Assembly

With product design we are often involved from the initial concept stage with a customer right through to final production. We can help you visualize the finished product; using your specification we can produce a product design brief and provide expert guidance on the assembly technology required and also assistance with housing / enclosure design.

Wherever possible we ensure components selected are available from numerous manufacturers and assemblies are designed to allow efficient manufacturing.

We have experience of various approvals testing including EMC and always design to minimize the risk of failing approvals.

Most of our clients use us as a full turnkey solution. What this means is that you can place an order with us and not have to worry about a thing except for signing for the delivery when the finished fully tested products arrive to you ready for sale.

During quotation we can offer you complete clarity on what every component and process is costing you. Keeping you in control, at all times.

Supply us with all your documentation and we will take care of procurement, assembly, box build, test and packing. You may even decide to use us to hold stock of your finished product and have us send it to your clients direct as and when they are sold.

If possible we like to get involved during the design stage so that we can help mould your product into a production friendly unit, keeping costs as low as possible. If you already have a finished product then if there's any way of improving production times with future design changes we'll let you know.

Most importantly of all we will work the way you want us to work. Pls. remember: Whatever your project requirements, we are always ready to listen.

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